New in BoomBar 1.0.3: Spring Seasonal Style & Scheduling Updates

We just released BoomBar 1.0.3 with several new features, including:

  • New seasonal style for spring
  • Date picker for start and end dates
  • Ability to automatically set a BoomBar as the new default on the start date

New Spring Seasonal Style

We included built-in seasonal styles for BoomBar as a fun way to change up your BoomBars according to the time of year. For this update, we’ve included a new spring style with light blue, green and yellow details.
Note: This update will modify the CSS for anyone currently using the seasonal BoomBar style, so if you were currently using the ‘Christmas’ style, it will be updated to this ‘Spring’ style.

Automatically Set Default BoomBar on Start Date & New Date Picker

To make scheduling easier, BoomBar 1.0.3 includes a new date picker for start and end dates and a new option to automatically set a scheduled BoomBar as the new default on its start date. boombar-date
The default bar is active site-wide unless a specific post/page has specifically said not to use it or to use a different bar. Once this scheduled bar goes live, it will be the default bar on your site.

All current BoomBar customers will find this update available now from within your WordPress dashboard (for all licensed sites) or as a manual download from the iThemes Member Panel.

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