How to Create an Email Gate for Videos with Optinmonster

Growing your email list is one of the most important aspects to any digital marketing plan. You email list is valuable. It grows your following and reach, but also your authority in your industry and ultimately revenue.

With all the content you are producing on different platforms, how can you focus on growing your email list? And we are no strangers to repurposing content and growing a strong email list. Today, we’re going to take a look at how we’re growing our email list with our video content by email gating our videos.

How To Gain Email Subscribers with Video

Over the years at iThemes, we found ways to repurpose our content from videos to blog posts, ebooks and more. We’re good at repurposing our content, getting as much work out of one piece of content as we can. One of the ways we’ve done this is with some of our free webinars over at iThemes Training.

Each month, we have a number of free training events that we often turn into listicle blog posts. In these blog posts we will embed the webinar replay (hosted from Vimeo). We were beginning to realize that when people register for the live webinar, they are subscribing to our email list. But one thing we weren’t doing, is continuing that with these replays. The replays were open for anyone to view, but we had no way of collecting information to continue the education.

We were using the content on our blog but weren’t working towards growing our email list. In fact, we weren’t working towards any other strategic goal other than providing quality content.

I remembered a good friend Chris Lema, wrote about ConvertPlayer as a tool that would accomplish this. A way to email gate videos. However, once I looked further I realized that it was no longer a viable option. The project has been abandoned.

using optinmonster to create an email gate

Vimeo was another option I researched. In their higher priced plans, you have the ability to put an email capture up before the video plays. The email capture can even connect with your favorite email marketing platform so the emails go directly into your list.

The problem we had with this option is that it didn’t allow us to segment our customers the right way. Everyone that entered their email on a video would all be put into the same list. When you sell multiple products, you want to further segment people to make sure that you have segmentation properly done. This is just a good communications practice.

Thankfully we use Optinmonster and found a way to utilize their tool to create an email gate.

How Optinmonster Solves Our Problem

Putting this challenge out to the entire team was incredibly helpful. What we found is taking a step back, thinking about the very basics of the problem can give a clearer understanding.

Taking a moment to look at it in the most simplest terms, here’s what we needed.

  • We need a form that connected to Mailchimp.
  • Upon the form collecting an email we wanted to show a video.
  • We want the page to reload.

Thinking about it this way gave us a couple of other additional options. For example, you could look at using Gravity Forms to create an email gate. Set up a form, change the success message to include the embedded video.

But Optinmonster incorporates the email gate seamlessly. Optinmonster gives us the ability to have a drag-n-drop UI to build out what the video and email collection form look like.

And as an added bonus, when you use Optinmonster you can customize the display rules to allow for the ability to show the success view. That way if a user has already filled out a campaign like this they won’t need to again. That is why we created this quick tutorial to show you how using Optinmonster to create an email gate is a great solution.

How will you Implement?

We’re curious how you would implement something like this in your marketing efforts. If you have another use case for email gating videos or using Optinmonster to grow your email list, we’d love to hear it.

Let us know in the comments below.

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