Facebook Marketing 101

This past Friday, we were lucky enough to have John Haydon, author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, join us for a free webinar.

Currently, Facebook has 850 million active users, 50% of whom login every day. This is a vital marketing avenue to use for your business and John explained how best to utilize it.

Some of John’s key tips were:

  • Utilize Your Cover Image – The purpose of your cover image is to make a powerful first impression.
iThemes Facebook Cover Image


  • Simplify Your Profile Picture – Your profile picture needs to be very simple because, while next to the cover image it’s 180 pixels square, it is also used in a much smaller size next to your posts.


  • Complete Your About Section – The “About” section is now directly below your cover image, making it more prominent than before. This section should include a brief description of your company and any contact information you have.


iThemes About Section


  • Create Milestones – Milestones for your company would include the date you were founded, the date of a specific release or a new location opening, etc.
iThemes Milestone


  • Direct Attention with Highlights and Pins – Using the new highlights and pins features, you can break up your page to create visual interest and/or to highlight a specific post.
Highlights and Pins


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