The Easiest Way to Launch a Landing Page

Introducing the

Landing Pages WordPress Plugin

“Minutes after installing the Landing Pages WP plugin, I had over 100 additional subscribers to my list. The pages look great. It got me results. I used to spend hours tweaking landing pages, now I get them done in minutes.”
Robert Williams, Workshop
“I love how easy it is to end up with a beautiful looking landing page. You can tell there's a primary focus on conversions. We have a nice looking site already, but this plugin is giving us almost a 90% increase in opt-ins over our previous landing page!”
Justin McGill, LeadFuze
“Within minutes I was able to quickly create my landing page for my new email course that’s light years beyond what I could have done myself. Integrating my Drip account was painless and support has been phenomenal.”
Mark Brown, Meshed Solutions

"Just Put up a Landing Page!"

It sounds so easy...

You've got something awesome to launch. So you sit down to create a landing page for it. You think, by lunchtime, you'll be ready to drive traffic to it, right??


24 hours later, you're still tinkering with layouts, hacking apart your WordPress theme, or fumbling around with a 3rd party tool that doesn't quite fit.

Shouldn't landing pages be easier to create?

Shouldn't they integrate seamlessly with any WordPress theme?

We think so too.

Landing Pages Should Drive Email Opt-ins... Not Drive You Crazy.

At Audience Ops, we routinely create new landing pages for our blog, as well as for our client's blogs. Examples of how we use landing pages include:

  • Email course lead magnet landing pages.
  • Landing pages for retargeting ads.
  • Webinar registration pages.
  • Pre-launch early access list building.
  • Coming soon pages.

So we've built ourselves a tool for quickly and effectively launching these landing pages on any WordPress site. Up until now, we've used it exclusively for ourselves and our clients.

Now you can put it to use too.

Create & Customize Landing Pages Like This One:

Landing Page Sample

Features designed to drive conversions:

  • Create & launch a landing page in minutes.
  • Customize your landing page with your own branding, colors, images, text — even custom CSS.
  • Automatically add subscribers to a campaign in your email marketing tool.
  • Export your subscribers to CSV
  • Create and customize a widget call-to-action to drive traffic to your landing page.
  • Convert any existing WordPress Page into a Landing Page.
  • Customize the 'Thank You' page.
  • Add your own scripts and/or conversion pixels to the Landing Page and/or Thank You page.
  • Your landing pages live on your site (not a 3rd party), so they integrate seamlessly with your site.

Integrates seamlessly with these tools

CSV And/or export all of your entries to CSV.

See the Landing Pages Plugin in Action


Do I need to have technical/coding skills in order to use this plugin?

Nope. This WordPress plugin works seamlessly right out of the box, no coding required. You can insert content upgrade opt-ins on any post or page, and you can even customize colors and text without editing any code.

How customizable is it?

Very. First of all, the plugin is designed to use your site's fonts right out of the box. Beyond that, you can customize all colors, border style, and all text content (including headlines, button text, etc.). You can also fully customize the content of the email that is sent to the subscriber (to deliver their bonus content).

Does it require WordPress?

Yes, this is a WordPress plugin for use on self-hosted WordPress sites.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, of course :) If you find that the plugin doesn't meet your needs, simply email me to request a full refund and cancellation of your license.

Which email marketing tools does it integrate with?

Currently, the plugin integrates seamlessly with Drip ( and Mailchimp. However, you can easily export all entries as a CSV, which can be imported into any email marketing tool. We plan to add more built-in integrations in the near future, including Infusionsoft and others (but again, for now, you can easily import subscribers into those).

Is there a recurring fee?

There are no monthly recurring subscriptions. This plugin is sold on an annual license-basis, which does not auto-renew. Your 1-year license grants you access to plugin updates and customer support for however many sites you purchased the license for. Near the end of the year, you'll receive an email prompting you to renew your license.

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes. You can purchase any license today, and if you need additional installations later, you can upgrade your license by just paying the difference in price.

I have more questions.

Contact us. Ask us anything :-)