Inserting a text link to trigger a Content Upgrade

If you want to insert a regular text link (or some other type of custom link on a page) instead of using the Shortcode to insert a Content Upgrade, then you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Edit the page or post where you want to insert the link to the Content Upgrade.
  2. Click the “Content Upgrade” insert icon/button to launch the inserter dialog box.
  3. Copy the text link html code found in the box labeled “To insert link into the post” (screenshot)
  4. Insert that link where you want it in the page or post, then click “Update” or “Publish” on that page.
  5. Find ID number of that page or post.  You’ll see it in the URL of the Edit Page or Post screen (screenshot)
  6. Go to Content Upgrades > Content Upgrades > Edit the specific Content Upgrade you’re inserting.
  7. Click the “Popup” tab, then scroll down to the “Preload on these pages or posts” box.  Type in (or paste) the ID number of the Page(s) or Post(s) you want this Content Upgrade to be displayed on when using the text link.  If you have multiple pages or posts, then separate them with one comma and no space.  (Screenshot)
  8. Click “Update” on this Content Upgrade.
  9. Now when clicking that text link on that page or post, you should see the Content Upgrade popup display.