BOOM! Boom Bar is Here

Boom Bar has just been released into the wild! All current DisplayBuddy and Plugin Developer Suite members will now find Boom Bar available for immediate download in their iThemes Member Panel.

So, what is it?

Boom Bar is a new plugin that makes it easy to add top or bottom notification bars to your WordPress site. Keep your site visitors informed with special messages and important information or promote sales or special offers. With Boom Bar, you can even show your latest tweets or provide a login prompt for registered users of your WordPress site, all in brightly-colored (or monochromatic) customizable ribbons:

Live Demo

Boom Bar is best viewed “in action,” so we’ve installed it on and on the Boom Bar sales page. Go check it out!

Feature List

In this blog post we previewed Boom Bar features (with a few screenshots). Here’s the full list of Boom Bar features available in this first version:

  • Choose from Custom Text, Latest Tweet or Log In —  Add custom text with linkable URLs, latest tweets or a log in to your WordPress site
  • Apply Boom Bars Site-Wide or to Individual Posts or Pages —  Create a default Boom Bar to be seen site-wide or override by applying separate Boom Bars to different posts or pages
  • Closable Options and Timeframes — Allow users to close or hide the Boom Bar with options to specify the time frame of close (until next page load, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or forever)
  • Assign Boom Bar visibility to target audiences  Choose to limit who can see Boom Bar (everyone, all authenticated users, all unauthenticated visitors, first time visitors or returning visitors)
  • Predesigned Styles —  Choose from 5 built-in Boom Bar styles (Lime Green, Silver, Light, Dark Inset or Dark Flat) or design your own
  • Built-in Style Manager — Easily customize basic styles for Boom Bar’s custom style (background color, text color, link color and border color)
  • Google Font Support —  Apply default font styles from your active theme or choose from 12 built-in Google fonts)
  • Location and Position Options — Choose to assign Boom Bar to either the top or bottom of the page in either a fixed or static position
  • Start and End Dates — Assign start and end dates to display Boom Bar
  • Custom CSS — Each Boom Bar includes a section to add CSS for more advanced customizations
  • Responsive Support —  Compatible with responsive WordPress themes
  • One-Year Membership Subscription to Premium Support and Product Updates All iThemes plugins include access to the iThemes Community Support Forum, plus all product updates (including new version/feature additions) throughout the membership year
This first version of Boom Bar is just the beginning. We have even more features planned for the next release.

Get Boom Bar now

Boom Bar is available in our DisplayBuddy series of plugins or bundled in our Plugin Developer Suite and WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit.

This month only: Don’t forget to take advantage of our special holiday savings and save 35% off your DisplayBuddy or Developer Suite purchase or 50% off the Toolkit.

Learn more about Boom Bar

Oh, and many congrats to Glenn Ansley on his first plugin project here at iThemes – we’re proud to have him on board!

6 thoughts on “BOOM! Boom Bar is Here”

  1. I couldn’t wait to download it and try it and it’s easy to use except that I can’t get custom fonts to work at all. Custom background color works fine, but it always defaults to my theme fonts and color even when I have chosen a different text color and font. The bar works great except for that.

  2. Hi Kristen,

    Thanks for sharing the features in Boom Boom bar. I heard about it yesterday on DJ Waldow’s email marketing iThemes webinar.

    Kristen, I’ve seen The Hello Bar on several sites. What are the chief differences between the two?

    • One of the chief differences is that “Hello Bar” is a hosted solution where your content/bar resides on some other server/site. Boombar gives you control of your notification bar and is integrated into WordPress.


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